How it all started

Serendipity Innovations started out as an incubator and investment firm specialized in life sciences, cleantech and advanced materials. Since 2004 it has founded and built 15 companies by commercializing research results from the academia. As Serendipity's portfolio grew with companies, a cross-functional consultancy division was formed in 2013 called S. Professionals - that's us.


We started out as an internal support team to meet the needs of Serendipity and its portfolio companies, but in no time we began to offer all of the growth enabling capabilities within Serendipity to external clients as well. By merging teams of complementary competencies, such as legal, M&A and recruitment, we created an environment where we could deliver value to our customers as business consultants, but also refine creative ideas to meet the market needs.

The Creative Dance

Our industry network and talented team, with hands on know-how of developing and managing new ventures, created a great foundation for looking at new business opportunities. We started applying Serendipity's creative dance combining our core competencies and our customers' needs, sparking ideas leading to new solutions to put on the market via new ventures.


May 2018 a management buy-out of S. Professionals took place, thus beginning a new chapter for Serendipity. Moving forward our strategy is to strengthen, infused by our inherited creative and innovative DNA. We offer a range of differentiated services, within business consultancy as well as through our ventures. We aim to grow together with our clients, continuously developing their organizations, which enables them to meet the market demands. This requires an understanding of current needs, as well as anticipation of future needs. By doing so, we can maximize the value of our services ensuring future growth of our clients. In parallel we will keep building new ventures, identified through either our day-to-day business, an investment or perhaps a partnership. We will keep being open and inventive in our pursuit of doing what we do best - leveraging our know-how into building new businesses.