The Serendipity Way

Through our consulting business, where we have helped thousands of clients with everything from legal to recruitment, we are in a great position to identify needs and problems that could be solved through digitized streamlined solutions. Once validated with the market in order to ensure demand, we build a new venture to provide the market with our solution. This is the Serendipity way - our own creative dance.


We interact with our thousands of customers

We identify needs and challenges

We create a digitized and streamlined solution

We ensure growth by packaging our solution according to market demand

We build a venture to provide the market with our new solution


We offer professional services within the areas of HR, Legal, Infrastructure and Growth Investments. We have experienced teams working closely with, while developing, our clients organizations utilizing our entrepreneurial mindsets to provide unique and forward-thinking advice and solutions.


We often encounter challenges at our clients' as well as at our own's. Based upon these findings we create innovative, most often digital, solutions where there is an expressed market demand. We do however not limit the creativity to in-house solutions, but frequently meet entrepreneurs with extraordinary ideas, solutions or drive, looking for support to take their business to the next level. These solutions and products are then converted into new ventures under the Serendipity umbrella.